on being authentic

It's OK-Kate Uhry photography

On being authentic…

This week has thrown me for a loop… in all ways. Aside from dysfunctional politics in Washington, I have felt that I am questioning everything I do. While the word authentic has become totally over-used I think that when it comes to being a photographer (or any type of artist), that it is so important. Which has led me to wondering if what I do is important.This morning I thought I should just start working as a photojournalist again, and that weddings, kids, etc are just not important. My work was criticized as “too artsy” for wedding photography. I’ve been told my pictures are overly saturated, too bright, or that they were “too light and pastel-ish”. Both by top wedding industry leaders. Here is the thing. The moment you start to do something for someone else, and not for you, or your clients, you loose it. The “it” being that thing you have that made you popular in the first place. I never have been a person to try out trends when it comes to photography. I usually go with my gut. If a client is drawn to my portfolio, that is really all that matters?! I have to remind myself when that little voice in my head screams at me “just do it, do what you love”, the right people will come to you. I don’t fit into a niche in the industry. I appreciate the times my weddings’ have been featured in magazines’ and bridal blogs, its not what drives me. So when I hear the voices of negativity I tell have to tell myself It’s OK. IT’S OK

Here is the thing that I know… what makes us different, or non-conforming is what makes us unique and (err) authentic. So lately I just keep saying (in my head) ‘you do you, ill do me’. That goes for politics as well. Keep going, keep working keep producing art and words and be authentic.


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