one foot in summer, the other foot in autumn

flower petals | Kate Uhry photography

Late August is such a strange month in the garden: it’s got one foot in Summer and the other foot in Autumn. Having had May, June and July where everything goes mad, there has been a definite slowing down.

wildflower field | Kate Uhry photography

one  foot in summer, the other foot in autumn | Kate Uhry photographyDavid Austen Roses| Kate Uhry photography

My new roses (the David Austen above, and the New Dawn below have had a comeback, and I couldn’t be happier.New Dawn Climbing rose | Kate Uhry photographyhalf a foot in summer, half a foot in autumn | Kate Uhry photographyrose of Sharon | Kate Uhry photographyrose of Sharon | Kate Uhry photographyflower petals

garden bouquet  | Kate Uhry photography

Mostly the garden is filled with brightly colored phlox, Russian Sage, and sunflowers. I cut a ton down yesterday while cleaning up the garden, and the house smells like sweet phlox now.wildflower field | Kate Uhry photographywildflowers | Kate Uhry photography

I also spent some time in the field across the street from me, which has become a giant field of wildflowers. The garden once was a herb garden, but was left to sit all summer, and it;’s actually really lovely to look out the window from me and spy a field of wildflowers, filled with Queen Anne’s lace, Nepeta, and Butter and Eggs, the yellow one (which I just learned the name of). While I have a good handle on most of what grows around my own garden, I still haven’t learned the names of all the wildflowers that grow here in August. wildflowers | Kate Uhry photographyGarden Phlox in bottles | Kate Uhry photography

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetone  foot in summer, the other foot in autumn | Kate Uhry photoone  foot in summer, the other foot in autumn | Kate Uhry photo

I always think of August as the hottest most prolific time of year in the garden, but in truth, everything is starting to become “july-ed” over as  my father says. The tomatoes are bursting on the vine, yet the nights were so chilly all weekend, it felt more like fall than summer. Im not really ready for summer to be nearly coming to an end. It means cutting back the spent blooms, and prepping the garden for hibernation mode. My goal is always to be able to cut fresh flowers from May-Oct so I can put bouquets around the house, I’m always happier when I can bring the outdoor elements inside. I hope you had a lovely weekend!