Our Japan Trip-Tokyo

Tokyo-our Japan tripYou have noticed my absence from the web, or if you follow me on instagram through my personal account or my wedding account, you would have seen lots of pictures from Japan in the last ten days. I’m excited to share with you some pictures from the trip! While it was a bit short, it was the most perfect trip, I got to spend time with my father, and we went first class the entire way! (a bit more on that later). For now, enjoy, we spent three days in Tokyo, and four days in Kyoto (which I fell in love with). The view from my hotel room! Endless skyline (and this is coming from a New York City girl). Keio Plaza Hotel. Roses climb the fence of a high school in the middle of downtown Tokyo. And the little flower shops had spectacular peonies! Flower-shop-Tokyo-flower-shop-tokyoDay one-exhausted and excited, we woke up early and walked around the Shibuya district, bustling with people, shops, restaurants and more, it is a very popular district to stay in while in Tokyo. It’s placements is central to a lot of great places. Tokyo-day-oneAfter wandering around a bit, we took a cab to the the Fish Market -the biggest in the world. and had the best sashimi I’ve ever had. While going to market very early in the morning, you can watch them trow fish around and trade and buy, we were in no shape to be getting up at 4am after our 13 hour flight. The neighboorhood serounding Teshkui market is fun to wander about. We stumbled upn an agreat china shop, and I wanted everything-bowls for two bucks, everything blue & white!


Tokyo-Kate Uhry photoTokyo-three-days-Kate Uhry

fish-market-Tokyo day 3china shop-tokyoI wanted to buy the whole basket-but not enough room in the suitcase! How pretty is the blue!

Tokyo-three days-Kate UhryIn the middle of the city-in the busiest district is this amazing garden-much like central park, it sits in the middle of it all. So lush, and green, and everything is perfectly trimmed and manicured. So nice to find some calm on the eyes. I loved the trees in Japan…very differnt than in the US. Botanical-gardens| Tokyobotanical garden-tokyo| Kate uhry bridge-botanical gardens-tokyo |Kate UhryJapan-Tokyo-day 2Our Japan trip-TokyoThis gorgeous temple and shrine was right in the middle of the city, and you’d never know! It was so peaceful. I could post more, but I’ll spare you. Next up, will post pictures from four days in Kyoto.