Paul & Tom’s Tribeca Wedding

Tom and Paul's -wedding Kate Uhry photoTom and Paul's -wedding Kate Uhry photoTom and Paul's -wedding Kate Uhry photoTom and Paul's -wedding Kate Uhry photoTom and Paul's -wedding Kate Uhry photoTom and Paul's -wedding Kate Uhry photoTom and Paul's -wedding Kate Uhry photoTom and Paul's -wedding Kate Uhry photoTom and Paul's -wedding Kate Uhry photoTom and Paul's -wedding Kate Uhry photoTom & Pauls wedding- NYCTom & Pauls wedding, NYCWedding rings on plateNYC, Tribeca, May 5, 2017

Friday early eveing, we made our way to the pier in Tribeca, after the rain stoped.  Just a few friends and family, and myself. It was simple and sweet and full of so much love. Below, read the remarks their officiant wrote. Truly the most beautiful words!

“There is a point somewhere between the conceits of youth and the concessions of old age when, if we have been both lucky and patient, we make ourselves ready for a commitment of faith to the more durable things that this world offers. Our labors, our loves, our willingness to take risks for the sake of ourselves and others, merge with a maturity that is neither self-absorbed nor stodgy in its assuredness, and together these forces unite into a life that strains to be authentic. When this happens, when we are willing to settle down but not to settle, to find comfort without making ourselves idle, to give back to the world not out of obligation but generosity, there is no better thing than to find another who is eager to do likewise. Paul and Tom, the two of you have made no assumptions about what life requires. You do not see these years as a time simply to repeat what’s been done before but to continue to explore, eyes open, to the innumerable possibilities that each day brings. There is no better gift you can give one another than this: openness, wonder, courage even now to allow the new to come over you, and be enriched by it. I believe this is why your relationship is so durable; because you remain open. Because you can build something of substance and still allow for spontaneity. A sense of purpose, and a sense of humor. Enjoyment of fine things. Appreciation of culture. Affection for friends. Love for Louise. For one another. This is a good time to be starting something new. A good season for it. A good city for it. And if so much as one wisp of the goodwill that is here this evening and is meant for the two of you should make its way out the door and blow warm over the rest of this town, this anxious nation, this world, it will be the better for it, and that much closer to healing. And so the two of you are harbingers of good things. The optimism of marriage. The work, as the poet said, for which all other work is but preparation. I have no doubt that you are prepared for this, that the optimism is well founded, and that it is a mere prelude to a life that will surely be well lived.Reading from “Attics of My Life” by The Grateful DeadI have spent my lifeSeeking all that’s still unsung.Bent my ear to hear the tuneAnd closed my eyes to see.When there were no strings to playYou played to me.In the book of love’s own dreamWhere all the print is bloodWhere all the pages are my daysAnd all my lights grow old.When I had no wings to flyYou flew to me.In the secret space of dreamsWhere I dreaming lay amazedWhen the secrets all are toldAnd the petals all unfold.When there was no dream of mine You dreamed of me.”

Yes, I weep each time I read it.