what to do with all those photos

surf girl, Nantucket | Kate Uhry

Nantucket 1987

Last week my niece, who just started her freshman year of college, texted me and asked if I had a scan of a picture I took of her as a baby (it was for a project she was working on). When I began looking through the boxes and folders of hundreds of old film images, it triggered a long day of looking through old pictures. I couldn’t just sift through all those images and leave them there. So I began the process last week of organizing all my personal and professional images I took on film from the 90’s and started scaning them (some even from my first year at photography school in Nantucket).

I am really organized when it comes to my professional work, but when it comes to my own work, it always takes a back burner. So I delved in deep and didn’t look back. I imagine, many of you have thousands of pictures too, even those iPhone only users. Well aside form organizing my iPhoto libraries into categories, and then events, and then albums, I also ordered some photo albums from Artifact Uprising. It is so easy to do, you can order an album right from the app on your phone (or online) and they will put together a beautiful album for you for the cost of 16.99 plus tax.

Another wonderful place to make books from your images (though a bit more time consuming, theses are gorgeous) is Blurb. The hardcover books are like those you would buy in a bookstore (turn that family vacation into a coffee table book). The cost is a bit higher than the former, but it is very sturdy and for sure could be passed down through generations.

Are you a big instagramer? Postal Pix is another company where you can order prints, and other things right from an app on your phone, it is quick, and high quality (I have  bunch of these square images).


I am curious, if other professional photographers have the same problem? And if so how do you organize you own images?

P.S-some other ideas of how to display your photos here.