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Last weekend I took a two-day mini vacation with my friend and her kids to Point Pleasant New Jersey. It’s a beach town right on the Jersey shore, and exactly what I expected from everything I had heard and seen about it. Though I grew up in New York City, I had never been to the Jersey shore. It totally reminded me of Coney Island and Jones beach. My friend rented this house two blocks from Jenks boardwalk and the beach. The porch was my favorite thing about the rental house, which she found on VRBO.

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The first day we got there  fairly late in the afternoon. So we spent a few hours on the beach and did some serious people watching (and wave gazing). Then we headed onto the boardwalk to get dinner, and check it out. It was super crowded, and the junk food was totally overpriced, but it was really fun.

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I loved the retro-ness of the entire area. A total throwback to the 1940’s & 50’s. You can easily tell what hurricane Sandy left behind, and what it took. There are still some empty  lots, and boarded up houses, but most of the older pretty Victorian bungalows and beach houses are in good shape.  You can see the pride and love people put into their houses, with all the pretty flowers and flags flying.
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Point Pleasant  Boardwalk

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Point Pleasant Boardwalk | Kate Uhry photo

Point Pleasant, NEW JERSEY | Kate Uhry photo

It was most certainly a relaxing few days. We mostly hung out on the beach, and got a little sunburnt. We laughed till we cried (as I said some great people watching to be had). And her teenage girls loved walking on the boardwalk, eating junk food, and playing at the arcades. The second night we went into town to this great taco place called Surf Taco, and had some really good burritos. The restaurant had a really super casual vibe, with surf magazines,  surf movies on the T.V., board games to play and Reggae music playing in the background. The best part of the trip was spending two full days, no distractions with one of my closest friends who I only get to see a few times a year.