a rainy day gives way to lilacs

After months of a draught here in the north-east were finally getting some much needed rain. For a gardner this is a true joy. The lilacs have arrived (my favorite) spring bloom, alongside the lilly of the valley.
My entire house smells like lilacs, and I picked enough to fill each room. Just by my bedside table is a small vase of lilly of the valley, enough, so that when I fall asleep at night I can smell its sweet fragrance wafting in the night air. The last image is a piece of old stone that will be turned into something magnificent, and for the mean time it sits on the edge of my property waiting to be carved by the wonderful sculptor, Mark Mennin, who happens to be my neighbor. I love the green haunting look of it in the wet air. Wish it were permanent. Have a wonderful weekend, and please, do, stop to smell the flowers.