rustic DIY boutonnieres


 rustic diy butonnieres

wedding boutonnière

I thought I would share on the blog today some easy DIY ways to make your own boutonnieres . All you need to make them is the flowers (or herbs) of your choice, flower tape, and a few straight pins. If you are on a budget, and looking for ways to cut the budget down, or you just feel like this would be a fun project to do with your bests friends, sisters, mom, etc. The cost can be as low as 1-2 $ each. If you are getting married outside, or in a rustic, garden or beach setting, the more “organic” the better, which means, less fussing over them. The idea, is to make a tiny bouquet of flowers, and then wrap the tape around them, and add string, ribbon or whatever you like.


I love the smell of fresh herbs, such as lavender, and rosemary, they are hearty (won’t wilt on a hot outdoor wedding day) and smell divine.

 rustic DIY boutonnieres

Stay cohesive with color and size. If you are going for a delicate look, don’t use big flowers (i.e full roses or peonies). You can find greens easily at the local supermarket (you know the kind you usually toss when you buy a bouquet ?) These greens can be cut small, and look pretty when cut down.

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