some old black and whites.

I came across some black and white images I took with my old Nikon  N 70 from waaaay back. I had scanned them to use for print ads and found the old IND files. I love the graininess that film produces and I think there is a real quality to the old film prints that I miss with digital. I wonder if anyone aside from a photographer notices that quality?
The top shot was one of a series I did while living in Boulder, Colorado. I vividly remember that beautiful day on the mountain we hiked up to take these first shots of mother & daughter.  People come in and out of my life in this business but I always remember these special moments. It was the babies baptism dress, and she was just a few months old. I went back several months later and took pictures of them in their home. She must be a teenager now, but in my mind, she will forever be that beautiful baby girl in the white dress with a smiling mom.

special thanks to Steve Shaheen who helped with the lay-out of these cards. He also happens to be a very talented sculptor. You can check out his work here.