Spaghetti with heirloom tomatoes, herbed olive oil & goat cheese.


I wasn’t intending to post a new recipe today. But this recipe is too good not to share. I sort of happened upon this recipe last week (a happy accident?) because I had leftover infused olive oil from the night before, and was looking to be creative. Originally I was going to make my fall-back easy pasta.  But changed plans last minute. And I kid you not I have had it three times already. It’s that good. It’s also really simple, so I thought I would share. The only caveat is, I ate it pretty quickly and just got a quick instagram pic of it. So there’s that. See below for the recipe.  I don’t usually measure when I am experimenting, but I have given it my best shot below. I am not really sure why I never thought of adding goat cheese to pasta, but it pairs well with the thin spaghetti & Sungold’s. So here’s what you need:

Herbed olive oil:

EVOO (about 1/8 of a cup)
1/2 cup (approximately) heirloom Sungold tomatoes (those are the sweet little orange ones).
1/2 teaspoon Basil
1/2 teaspoon Parsley
1/2 teaspoon Rosemary
And any other herbs you want to throw in!
2 cloves finely chopped garlic.

1/2 cup fresh goat cheese.

Thin spaghetti (enough to serve two). If you want to make more, just double the recipe for the oil & tomatoes .

Here’s how you do it:

Since I had already made the herbed oil the day before for dipping sauce, I decided to just add some fresh Sungold’s to it.  It had marinated for a good 24 hours (I think this is what made it so good).  If you can prepare ahead great (but if not, let sit for at least two hours at room tempature). Chop the Sungold’s in half, and add to the oil. Boil the pasta water with a pinch of salt. Once the pasta is cooked (al dente always!) drain and add the herbed oil and tomatoes to the pasta, toss gently and add the goat cheese, toss, and serve! Seriously it is so delicious, and the goat cheese addition was a last minute thought. The sweetness of the Sungold’s pair perfectly with this, however, I imagine it would be good with any fresh tomato you can get your hands on. Right now the Sungold’s and cherry tomatoes are in season, so that’s what I used. I am telling you for prep it took maybe ten minutes, and it is so fabulous it will have you coming back for more. Happy tomato season!