starting new

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Bode in the garden, just before sunset.

For several years i’ve been trying to find a voice on the blog. As I have mentioned in the past, it’s difficult when your work is personal. I never was sure what to share, should it be strictly weddings & children? As the blog has ebbed and flowed, I began adding more images of a personal nature, my dogs, trips to the beach, recipes and food. And it seems like a good fit for me. It’s a place I am comfortable. It falls somewhere between a lifestyle blog, and a photographer’s journal. And that is just fine with me. I realized I can make my own rules, and have become more comfortable in my own skin (don’t we all as we age?). There is no perfect formula, I just have to make my own.

Which brings me to starting new. I became so obsessive about what content to publish here, and what it should look like according to what other photographers and bloggers were doing that I sort of lost my own voice. I started putting restrictions and pressure on myself about how many blog posts per week I should post and ending up filling it with some fluff. One of those things was my Friday links. There are so many fabulous bloggers out there who blog about their style, fashion, and design. I don’t really find the need to do any of that any more just for the sake of doing it and keeping current. So I will (moving forward) do away with weekly links.Which may or may not mean that occasionally I will share some things of interest to me in the arts, style and design. Moving forward, you may see less of me on the blog. I am not going to worry so much about posting three times a week. Staggering it out Monday,Wednesday and Fridays was very limiting. I’ll post when I want to, or when I feel I have some images or recipes I want to share. My goal is try to try and keep the work I am most proud of and most current up on the blog.

I’ve also switched up the categories to the right-hand side bar a bit. I’ve narrowed them down to make things more concise. You will also note next week that there will be some other changes on the blog, and site, which I’m excited about. I’ve added some more current pictures, and made a logo. These minor tweaks are more in alignment with my aesthetic.

I hope you enjoy this new direction I’m going in. Your support allows me to evolve over time, and I truly feel this direction will be more authentic. Change is good, and always exciting.

I hope you have a great weekend. I’m excited for a wedding on Saturday at Hopkins Vineyard with the amazing Eileen Smith who is one of the best wedding planner & designer’s around this area! Also Sunday, for my annual shoot with Ava. I have photographed her every year, and this will be the 7th!