summer risotto

summer risotto with peas and mint | Kate Uhry photo

Happy Monday all! Ok, this may just be one of my very favorites. And you know that is true when the temperature hits almost 90 degrees, and you are stirring risotto over a  hot stove for almost 40 minutes. The trick to a good creamy risotto is all about the constant, slow stirring, never leaving it for a second. I used to think it had a ton of cheese in it, till I realized the creamy consistency was due to the slow cooking and adding chicken stock slowly while constantly stirring.  I served this with grilled Fiddle Heads, and shrimp, which was really lovely for a dinner al fresco.


A handful of fresh mint (I used wild peppermint but Spearmint would be fine). About 1/4 a cup .

1 cup risotto

1/2 cup fresh garden peas

3 cups chicken or vegetable  stock

Fresh Parmesan (shavings for top)

1/4 fresh chives

4 tablespoons olive oil

2 tablespoons dry white wine.

2 tablespoons heavy cream


Chop mint into fine pieces, set aside.
Chop up chives.

1. Sauté chives in oil for 3 minutes.
2. Add risotto, stirring for about two minutes (till it’s completely coated).
3. Stir in one cup of broth continue cooking and stirring till all the liquid is absorbed.
4. Gradually stir in remaining liquid (about 1/2 cup at a time) until it is all absorbed.
5. Add fresh peas & mint to mixture (don’t stop stirring).
6. Add white wine, stirring till it is completely absorbed.
7. Add heavy cream-stiring in. It is very important that you add this very last (when it’s pretty much done) and don’t let it cook in once you have added it, it is sort of the last minute touch to a creamy risotto.

You will know it is ready when it has a creamy texture to it. The process takes about 30-40 minutes, remember it is the slow cooking that makes it so creamy. Patience is needed with this one… Serve with a sprig of mint and some shavings of parmesan cheese.