summer solstice

Happy summer solstice! Today is the longest day of the year (my favorite). It is the official start of summer. This week in Connecticut we’ve run the gamut in summer weather, from pop-up thunderstorms, that give way to rainbows, chilly nights, and warm-humid lush days. Lounging poolside, dinner al fresco, and a few great summer meals. And so it begins. I feel like I could drink the air, it is so sweet-

1. Check out This video from Soul Pancake What does summer look like? // 2. This drink looks so refreshing for summer, and this one too! // 3. A great “how to” for brides, organize a digital online address book from Apartment Therapy. // 4. I love this dress and retro hair, so summery! // 5. Find out when the summer solstice actually occurs (according to the Old Farmers Almanac). // 6. When we were kids we loved catching fireflies, and running in the long grass and playing hide & seek. // 7. An old fashioned wood swing + bare feet. For more summer pictures you can keep up with me daily on instagram.

What does summer mean to you? Enjoy this LONGEST DAY & have a lovely weekend!