summer workshop for photographers

summer workshop  for photographers | Kate Uhry photography

I’m excited  (and a bit terrified) to announce my first summer photography workshop.

I love to teach. Before I was an art major in college, I was going to be a teacher. I taught pre-school-high school for many years while I was struggling to start my photography business.




the self doubt.

the fear of being thought a phony, even when you know you have something to give. the self imposed pressure to absolutely make sure you deliver on what you promise your attendees. Because how could you possibly feel good about sending them home otherwise?

So I’m putting myself out there,

The concept is simple-something intimate,  straightforward. Something affordable with a narrowed focus. A day with me teaching you everything I possibly can about what I love to photograph. So come be with me for a day, if you wanna, because i’d love to meet you.

*workshop is for film and digital shooters
*non refundable (see next note)
*I reserve the right to cancel the workshop in the event that not all seats are filled. however, if the workshop is cancelled, you will be fully refunded.

It is going to be a small group, closed off after ten people, so you will all get a chance for some one on one, feedback, and time to chat amongst yourselves. I will provide the model (s), and some food, and it will all happen here at my home studio. With acres of lush green flower gardens. After taking images in the morning, the afternoon will be spend going over the editing process. How I edit, what programs I like to use in Photoshop and Lightroom, and all the nitty gritty.


SATURDAY AUGUST 1st , Bethlehem, CT


The cost  for the day is 550.00. A non refundable deposit to hold your spot  is due prior to sign up. To join, just send an email to

What do I need? A camera, any kind will do, but preferably a SLR. If you have an iPhone, bring it, I am happy to provide some tips on how to get great pictures right from your phone. Lunch will be provided, as well as drinks. We will start at 9am-and go till 5pm . An open mind, and leave your critical self at the door (so to speak).