take me away: Belize







I wanted to post some travel pictures, partially because it’s a form of escape from the freezing cold here and also because I finally have some time!
These images are from a two week trip in 2006 I took to Ambergris Caye, Belize (I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to post these). It is a teeny tiny country (about the size of Massachusetts) that only in the last ten or so years has really become more popular for vacation.  It’s also home to the second biggest barrier reef in the world, so there is that. I took a lot of pictures which were all on film, and  were hung in a gallery; most of that work sold, and some (being that it is all on film) sits in a negative sleeve in my piles and files of negatives, as they haven’t been transferred over to digital format.  These pictures were all taken with my little cannon elf (which I don’t have anymore).The accommodations are pretty crazy in some of the newer places. We rented a condo that was amazing (fifteen minutes from San Pedro town by boat).  It had two huge bedrooms, marble, teak, as well as a high end gourmet kitchen. A balcony with amazing views, smack dab on the water (and our own little pool). San pedro town is not much, it is small and mostly filled with a few touristy dive shops and some really good dive restaurants. Ceviche is a main staple, but if you can find some coconut ice cream it is not to be missed. I have never had anything like it. There are no cars on the island-in town you can get around in a golf cart or ride a bike, but there is barely a need for that as it’s size is pretty walkable. I highly recommend you rent a sailboat for a day- I know it sounds luxurious but I swear it was cheap (I think split between the four of us it was 50 bucks each). We had a captain and a skipper (who was maybe 16) take us to Caye Caulker for the day. On board we drank Belikin beer and saw dolphins who swam right up to us. We also snorkeled and dove off the boat-OMG we swam with actual sharks (no cages or anything) in Shark-Ray Alley. Proud I did it, but won’t ever do it again. We then had a lunch of jerk chicken on the teenier Island of Caye Caulker at a funky beachside reggae place. Ambergris Caye is deliciously warm with a nice breeze and it didn’t rain once when we were there in March.  We kayaked every single day-until I was pretty convinced I saw a crocodile in the water. Later that day I heard a rumor going around that a crocodile had indeed somehow gotten into the sea from the lagoon on the other side of the Island. Also, if you just want to lay in a hammock and read, it is a really good place to do JUST that. xo-Kate.