The Goldin family

The Goldin FamilyGoldin-190I had the pleasure of meeting the Goldin family last weekend at their beuatiful county home in Bridgewater Connecticut. Little Charlie (3) and baby Katie (9 months). Both so adorable. Poor Katie was teething and had a bit of a runny nose, but she was such a trooper. Above, being cuddled by her mama towards the end of the photo session. I love these tender candid moments. Goldin-197

Goldin-191Katie Goldin-194Goldin-19Goldin-17Goldin familyGoldin familyVersion 2Goldin familyGoldin FamilyGoldin - 91Goldin-72Goldin-71Dad and CharlieGoldin familyGoldin familyDSC_0449Goldin Family 1Goldin familyGoldin - 136goldin 3Goldin - 137Goldin family