the myth of the 2ndphotographer


The myth of the 2nd photographer

Wedding websites everywhere say you have to have two photographers. Why? Back in the film days, there was always only one photographer, and an assistant (maybe). Why? Because that person was the person you were hiring for their eye and film was so expensive! Now, it has become common place to hire freelance photographers as second shooters because digital is so cheap and the barrier to entry in the digital marketplace is very low… just about everyone I know has a digital camera! I have trained myself to move, observe and be where I need to be. You are hiring me for my eye and vision and I am constantly on the move to give you a well-rounded gallery of images. I work to give you art pieces and not just snapshots. It allows me to give you consistency in the images – I know exactly what I’m capturing and would NEVER rely on a second shooter to give me their images as it would create inconsistency in the final product -no matter how similar our vision is. There are definitely times when I do recommend a second photographer – when the guest count is greater than 150 & if the timeline is extremely tight. Or if you need me to be in two different locations at once. Myabe the groom and bride are getting ready far away, from one another and you want pictures of both? An option I would highly reccomend instead of a 2nd photographer, is to spend money on an AMAZING video team – their work is invaluable and should complement the photographer’s work. I would be happy to refer you to a few. Save your money, and put it towards somthing else, or go for that amazing photographer you really wanted but couldnt afford! I loved working with MEB Cinema, and if you are looking for some super artful funky film these guys travel all over the country!