the trickiest part

March Farms Orchard

I recently re-read my New Years blog, which not-so gently reminded me of all the things I said I would do, or try differently in 2013. The trickiest part to stating things publicly, is sticking to them. It nudges me back to trying very hard (as we are almost half way through the year) to be true to those things. Easier said then done. Have you looked back at your goals, or resolutions? How are you doing? Some I have held true to, but so many I have let go of. A reminder to myself that I need to stick closely to my goals and those promises I made to myself back in late December. My biggest fail has been # 6, spending too much time on the internet (computer ). How do I remedy that? I suppose the warmer days will lend themselves to more outdoor time. And for some inspiration around the web, here are some links for your weekend.

1. If you are a serious coffee connoisseur. Look no further New Yorkers.
2. Why we can’t keep up with New Years resolutions. There is a science to it.
3. A cute DIY photo booth idea
4. Have you seen “Family Tree” which premiered this week on HBO? I was so excited, I am huge Christopher Guest fan, and was not disappointed.
5. If you were a Madmen Character, which one would you be? Take the quiz (I was Betty…yikes).
6. I love this food blog. Check it.
7. inspiration: some boho-chic for this summer.
8. Infectious laughter from kid president.  I know.

Have a lovely weekend and enjoy these beautiful late spring days!