this is what happiness looks like

Pure joy. Those two words perfectly describe yesterday’s afternoon romp at my friends’ organic farm in Washington, CT.  Picture the most bucolic movie setting of what a New England farm should look like, and then multiply it. I brought the dogs over for a nice little walk, over the hill, up the hill, and beyond the pond (where Ruby took a dip). I finally got to meet the newest member, Eliot, an adorable rescue terrier. Bode and Eliot took to one another immediately (both one) and ran like crazy through the fields. It was a nice break in the rain, and the clouds were just parting, as they gave way to the sunshine. I imagine this is what dog heaven looks like–lucky us, we found it right here on earth.

Waldningfield farm sells their produce at many of the local farmers markets. Check them out online, and find out more about ordering their goods as well as joining the CSA program. Local, organic, what could be better? Thanks again for letting us stop by Patrick & Q!


Kate, Ruby + Bode