valentine party ideas

valentine ideas

Aside from February being the shortest month (thank god)  I also love that we can celebrate Valentines Day. While it sends some people running (we’ve all seen the movies ) for me it’s all about the bright colors, in the middle of a glum month, baking, crafting & having fun with loved ones. I am not a hallmark card kind of person, so that aspect of Valentines day never appealed to me. It was always about the little things, family, friends, best friends, kids, etc. But the truth is, I  just love a good party with lots of decorations for absolutely no other reason  then to celebrate love (and maybe eat some cake and candy)!  So I thought I would share some fabulous ideas from around the web to help kick start your valentine day party (kid or adult). Add some whimsy to your February; make cookies, a cake, hang streamers,  balloons , whatever you need/want to do to brighten up these otherwise pretty gray winter days, even if you don’t have a party, why not just spruce up your house with some heart banners, or streamers? As I mentioned before, any of these ideas could easily be incorporated into a shower, wedding or kids party. So have at it!

paper heart garland

make a paper heart garland. or buy it here. Wouldn’t these be pretty at an outdoor wedding hanging  from a tree? heart cookies

These buttercream heart cookies are amazing. Get recipe here.


Party streamers are super easy to make. Just  hang from some twine or jute string on a wall. You can choose whatever colors you want. Or you can check out these cute yarn ones on Etsy.

Candy hearts

But the classic candy says it all, make sure to scatter these on your dessert table!