waxing nostalgic

I am missing those languid summer days already. I am also missing the puppy phase (though I love my big boy) There is nothing sweeter than a golden retriever puppy, am I right? I’ve been enjoying these shorter November days, by lighting a fire in the fireplace, and reading way more than I do in the midst of wedding season! The snow is falling here today in Connecticut. Bode ran outside and was actually trying to catch snowflakes in his mouth…so cute. What fills your days/evenings in the colder-shorter days? I am thinking about taking up knitting again just so I can make this blanket I found on Pinterest. It would make a great baby or wedding gift.

On a more personal note, sometimes it is hard to strike a balance between professional and personal (the sweet in-between) on my blog.  There is still so much devastation due to Sandy which ways heavily on so many of us here in the Northeast. As this new storm approaches us, I worry about the many people who are still without heat, water, and the basics. There are ways we can help, here is a good place to start.  Also Connecticut food bank is a great foundation if you want to see your donations stay local.

Happy first day of snow! I hope to post some snow images soon, but right now I am working on making wedding albums.