what’s in your summer overnight bag?



summer weekend bag

what's in your summer overnight bag?

summer weekend bag

What’s in your summer overnight bag? When you go away for a quick overnight, or a weekend, what are the “must have’s” you pack with you? Do you overpack? Underpack? Do you make sure your clothes match? Or do you just throw things in a bag and hope for the best? I usually forget something (last time I packed I didn’t bring one pair of long pants and it got pretty cold at night by the ocean). Either that or I overpack, and I usually end up only wearing two things, and everything else gets stuffed down in the suitcase. As I have gotten older I realized that packing neutrals for the most part is the easiest way to go,  you don’t need to worry about what matches (call me lazy). But the truth is, in the summer, I basically wear two kinds of shirts; stripes (in navy) or white t-shirts. I’ve come to the conclusion that less is actually more, as long as I can throw in a few sundresses, a pair of flip flops and sandals, a bathing suite, I’m pretty good to go. Also, don’t forget (as my mom taught me) always pack extra underwear, and put all your “delicates” in the bottom of the the bag. Read this story here on W&D for the why. It cracked me up.


Here is what usually goes in mine: Top: shorts, espadrilles, light cotton scarf.  Middle: bathing suite, beach towels, striped long sleeve tee, plastic reusable bag (shopping or beach). Bottom: hat for the beach, simple sandals, sunglasses, long sleeve chambray (perfect for a cover-up or a chilly night). Not shown: a sundress. Where to shop: J.crew (& the factory outlet). Old Navy, Marine Layers, Ralph Lauren


Also, what’s on your summer reading list? Do you always pack a paperback, even if you are deep into your hardcover book? Have a wonderful weekend & happy summer to all!