winter beach

Winter beach


Winter beach? Let me back track just a bit. I finally have the time to sort through some of my own personal images from over the  last year, and found these that I took over Thanksgiving in Massachusetts. While visiting the North Shore I always (rain/shine/winter/summer) visit the beach. It always brings me peace, and makes me feel especially grateful. It was so freezing cold this day I think we lasted minutes by the actual water, before we ran towards the car and hopped in for warmth. You can see more blog posts about Crane beach here here. Winter Beachcrane beach 3


On the beach, at dawn:

four small stones clearly
hugging each other.
How many kinds of love
might there be in the world,
and how many formations might they make
and who am I ever
 to imagine I could know
such a marvelous business?
When the sun broke
it poured willingly its light
over the stones
that did not move, not at all,
just as, to its always generous term,
it shed its light on me,
my own body that loves
equally to hug another body- Mary Oliver.