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Los Angeles and my nieces wedding!

I have been busy since the year began, with my first wedding in February, another in March, and two in April, one in May and another on June 1.

Flying out to LA with my 87 year old dad in tow, was not easy, I won’t lie. Getting through JFK is hell, and I swear I won’t fly out of there again unless I absolutely have to. But it was well worth the week long trip out to Los Angelos for my nieces wedding. It was as close to a vacation I’ll have in years.

We stayed in Santa Monica, a block from the beach, and near where my nieces live. So first thing I did at 7am, on my first day there was walk to the beach. Because I am a beach girl, and if I am anywhere near a waterway, a lake or especially a beach, I am there immediately. It is the first thing I do when I am on vacation.

One of my niece’s got married at the beginning of April. It was a whirlwind, of family, dancing, beaching, dancing, and celebrating Maddie and Skylar. It was so nice to be a guest at a wedding for the first time in like twenty years! It was pink, and purple, and everything food, goofy and charming and exactly represented the two of them! I have never seen Maddie so happy. They are truly, and deeply perfect for one another. The Talented photographer , Jess Workman, was the official photographer, and she just shared some highlights on her IG if you wanna check it out! I took a few from my seat ( couldn’t resist).

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