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I'm Kate. I am a lifestyle photographer who photographs weddings, and families, and have been photographing people since I was very young.When I was seven my mom gave me my first camera, a Brownie, and I still have it. I am Professionally trained in film photography. I have been an editorial and photojournalist and lifestyle photographer for over 23 years. I grew up in NYC and have called Connecticut home for for almost 23 years. I live in a small Cape that was built in 1734, and I love gardening, painting, and being outdoors.

X, kate

I still shoot film for the love of it. However it is not the most practical hobby, so I mostly supplement it to add a little flavor on a wedding day. With digital I can truly see what I am doing and I love that. When I edit I love the look of clean and classic photography, with touches of vintage vibes. I have been photographing weddings before it was cool to photograph in a candid style. I will date myself and say that when I started off I was one of very few female photographers in the business. It was all stuffy men in suites, with lots of flashes, and not so great personalities. I ended up photographing a friend of a friends wedding, and from there, my career in weddings really took off. No one wanted stilted posed images. There was this breakthrough where people wanted much less formal, and more intimate images. That is when I stepped in. I am an observer,
I take in what I see around me, and am unobtrusive. I connect deeply with the people I photograph, and it allows me to capture people in their most true and beautiful self.

“There are an infinite number of reasons why I love photography and it seems each time I capture an image, that number increases by at least one more reason".

•Rolando Gomez •



Over the past twenty odd-years I’ve cultivated a unique photographic style that differentiates my work from others. Clients have described my style as bright and emotive. I photograph almost exclusively with natural light from the sun giving my images a creamy glow and flattering skin tones. My editing process is equally distinctive as I try to match my digital images as close to my film images to give you that timeless, classic photography look.

I don't love trends. Clean, classic photography and style are timeless. I want you to look back on your life and say

'This was us'.



"She captured every moment, from every angle but in a way you almost didn't even know she was there! So organic and comfortable. There is nothing staged or posed about her style.
I'm left with no doubt she captured every important moment of our day for us to savor forever."-Christina T.

• Get to know me •

My dream super power:

talking to animals or maybe time travel.

My spirit animal is a:


ⓐ Tiger

ⓑ Monkey

◉ Whale

My favorite meal is:


My favorite podcast is:

Terrible ,thanks for asking

My dream vacation is:


◉ Europe with best friends & camera

ⓑ anywhere warm

ⓒdeep in the mountains

Can't live without:

my dogs

Golden Retriever

Currently binging:

anything on HGTV

My go to Starbucks order"


ⓐ Black coffee

◉ Latte

ⓒ Chai Tea latte

Yup, that's me

I love looking though old family pictures.

Most recent book I read:

Demon Copperhead



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Candid, artful photography for life and love.

Located in Litchfield County, CT available for travel.


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