Meet Kate

I’m a June baby

Favorite Book: Charlotte's Webb

My Camera: Nikon

My favoirte place to think: the garden

Ice cream flavor: Chocolate peanut butter cup

ee cummings you are my sun, my moon, and all my stars”

I love outdoor venues, back yard weddings, anywhere that is natural, rustic, or has old character, like a stately old home/mansion, a beautiful yacht club, with water views, or even better, your own backyard. Tented and barn weddings are amongst my favorites. But as long as there is love, I am happy to travel the globe!  

I truly believe that the best pictures are caught during those in-between moments. I love that art and journalism all become one during a wedding or family session. If posing and smiling looking right into the camera is your, then i'm not the right photographer for you. And that's ok. I favor real moments-over posed. 

The couples who I work with are laid back, and trust the art that I create. In order to work well with your wedding photographer you have to have some faith and trust in what they do. It brings out the best in the subject matter when they feel relaxed and comfortable in fron tof the camera.  While I know the little details that you have personally planned out (what silver to chose? blue or white hydrangea?) are important, they are not the main focus. I focus on the couple, the emotions, and the interactions between you.... If you think this sounds like you, and can imagine yourself as one of my clients, I'd love to know you!

drop me note.