Aren't they?

I’ve been a photographer since the day I picked up my first film camera when I was about ten. I loved snapping pictures of people, and I still do. My twenty some-odd years of being a photographer have taught me to look for the simple, authentic moments.  I believe that photography shouldn’t be fussy or overly edited.

After graduating from college with a degree in studio art and a minor in creative writing I started out as a part time photojournalist and teacher. I love kids, & started picking up clients for children’s photography, and from there, weddings. It just kept growing!  In  2000 I decided to start my own boutique studio photographing nothing but kids and weddings. I've loved every moment, even if I had to work odd jobs just to get by. I followed my heart and nothing can be as fulfilling and doing something you love. 

I have been so incredibly honored to have my work grace the pages' of national and international magazines. I've been featured in the top wedding blogs and magazines. I’ve photographed movie stars, farmers, babies, and a 90-year-old couple renewing their vows. I love people. I love the beauty of natural light, the outdoors, and the way people interact when they are with the ones they love.


On a personal note

I have two golden retrievers who make my heart happy all the time & a very fat cat, named George. I'm useless with out a cup of French press coffee in the morning. I love ice cream (chocolate peanut butter and mint chip), the last page of Charlotte's Webb, and the beach. I grew up on the Upper west side of Manhattan. I have a big family (all girls)! My favorite TV shows, HGTV marathons, of 'Fixer Upper' & a quirky New Zealand TV show called 'Please Like Me'.  When I am not taking pictures I am usually out in my flower garden getting muddy, or working on my old Cape Cod cottage built in 1734. 



I'd love to know yours

xo kate