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Micro Wedding at Elizabeth Park

Micro weddings are the new black. If I could bottle them up in a little jar I would, I mean seriously, I love them. And this pretty wedding at Elizabeth Park, in Hartford, CT was so sweet. Family, and lots of kids, and candy. When two families join together as one, it’s a beautiful thing. I’d never been to Elizabeth Park before, and it was a really beautiful day. They got married in the perinal garden. It was a banner blue sky day, and bright sunshine.

Micro-wedding-Elizabeth Park .Kate Uhry photo
Ceremony _micro_wedding.Kate Uhry Photo
Elizabeth_Park_ wedding.Kate Uhry
Micro_wedding Ideas_Kate Uhry _
Couple_mirco_wedding_BY Kate Uhry Photo
Bridal Flowers_Kate Uhry photography_micro_wedding
Micro-wedding at Elizabeth Park, Hartford, CT
Micro Wedding, Elizabeth Park, Hartfort, CT
Bridal Dress_Hartford Wedding_by Kate Uhry
Bride and Maid of Honor. Micro wedding_ Kate Uhry photo
MICRO_WEDDING. Elizabeth Part Kate Uhry Photography
MICRO_WEDDING. Kate Uhry Photography
MICRO_WEDDING. Elizabeth Part. Kate Uhry Photography
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