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I am thrilled to announce my first ever Motherhood on film sessions. I thought I’d share some timeless pictures that I’ve shot on film.

When is the last time you were photographed with your child? After a particularly rough day of parenthood, you may find yourself hiding in the closet with a glass of wine, flipping through photos of your kids on your phone. They make you smile, but are you in any of the photos? That’s where I come in. I have decided to start offering sessions just for moms throughout the month of May. If you are interested in booking a session, please do contact me, As I am allotting a small amount of sessions only-so I can really spend time with each of you. I want it to be relaxed, organic, and no posing YUP, I am going to force you to just be, play, cook, hug, garden, whatever it is you want to do with your kid(s). My goal is to create beautiful images of you with your little ones, that you will want to frame. I’m going to be shooting 2 rolls of film (black and white and color ) and a short digital . This includes the prints for you to keep, all of them, except the eyes-shut, fuzzy ones. Also included is your pick of your favorite, an 8×10” print, framed & ready to hang. I am so beyond excited for this and it feels good to get back to my roots with film. Nothing compares to film when it comes to dreamy skin tones.

Mother & child

I was very late to jumping on board the digital camera. So when I finally bought my first DSLR full frame Nikon I put the film cameras down for a long time. The truth is I am so much more comfortable with a 35mm camera than I am with digital. It’s kinda like riding a bike. It fits perfectly in my hands, and the quality of fine art prints I get from the images are worth the cost. The only hitch is, it’s expensive. If am shooting a long wedding day, I sometimes will shoot a roll or two if the client requests it, but for the most part digital is so much faster, cheaper, and easier. It also serves as an assurance that you’ve gotten the shots you want. I decided to try out motherhood on film sessions, in honor of Mother’s Day being in May. Because this is my first official session on film I offering a super discount. And to assure that I get lots of nice images plan on spending about two hours with me. And I will shoot some digital images too.

If this session goes well I will open it to other sessions in the future. Maybe mini holiday on film?? If you are curious, or want to learn more please do get in touch and we can chat. I am only going to have six slots open over a few weekends, and weekdays in May.

beach photo with mother and daughter
beach session

The cost is 1,200 but I am offering a big discount of $200 off. Included in the cost is:

  • two hours of my time
  • a combination of black and white and color
  • online gallery with your images available to download at high-res
  • 8×10 framed print

I suggest you reserve your spot now. You can do so by either contacting me in person (because I have been alone in the house for like four months I am eager to speak to people ( not just my dogs). However you can also go right to the contact page here and let me know what date you prefer.



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