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Welcoming a new baby

Welcoming a new baby into the world is the most exciting time in a parent’s life . Baby Arthur is so sweet, and along with his dog siblings I had the pleasure of photographing him along with mom and dad in their home in Litchfield, CT. 

Hi there! I’m popping onto the blog for the first time in a while to bring you this sweet family session with Baby A and his family in Litchfield, Connecticut. It was such a joy to capture those precious moments of a new life.

There’s something magical about the way a dog interacts with a baby. The dog’s gentle nature and playful spirit can help to calm and soothe a fussy baby, while the baby’s innocent curiosity and endless fascination can bring out the dog’s playful side. Capturing these moments in photographs can be a wonderful way to preserve and celebrate the bond between these two special beings.

Before the photo shoot, I always make sure to have a consultation with the parents to discuss their vision and preferences for the session. For this particular shoot, the parents wanted a mix of posed shots and candid moments. They also wanted to make sure that the dogs were part of the entire session, as a dog person I was happy to accommodate their wishes and suggested a few creative ideas to personalize the session.

Dogs and babies are two of the most adorable and beloved creatures in the world, and it’s no wonder that they often find themselves together in photos. Not only do they bring out the best in each other, but they also bring out the best in us as we witness their pure and unbridled joy.

Fall family session-Litchfield CT.
mother and son new born session-kate Uhry
Newborn on bed with family dog. KATE UHRY photo
Mother holding baby in the air by  Kate uhry
Newborn session in Litchfield CT
Family portrait KATE UHRY, Litchfield, CT
Family photo in Litchfield CT . Candid family photographer in Litchfield, CT.

Mothe soothing sad baby. Black and white photo. KATE UHRY
Mother holding baby -KATE UHRY photo

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